5 Steps To Never Get Sick

5 Steps To Never Get Sick

When flu season rolls around, it seems like there’s no way to avoid getting sick. With so many sniffling and sneezing people around you, it may feel impossible. Follow these five steps, however, and you’re likely to stay illness-free.


  1. Clean your phone. People that avoid getting sick disinfect their phones, even if it doesn’t look dirty. Just think about it, you carry this device around with you everywhere—maybe even into the bathroom. If you don’t take the time to wipe it down once in a while, you’ll simply be accumulating a gross amount of germs.
  2. Sleep well. Your immune system can’t do its job if you aren’t well rested. Get those eight hours on the clock, and you’ll be one step closer to avoiding a cough!
  3. Don’t press an elevator button. Don’t touch commonly used surfaces in general, including door handles. With so many hands leaving their mark, it’s an easy way for a virus to spread. Instead, use your elbows or forearm to press buttons and open doors, or carry a pack of tissues with you for the occasion.
  4. Drink water. Just like sleep is necessary for a strong body, water is necessary for good constitution. It will help you flush any unwanted germs from your body and keep your immune system working right. When in doubt, drink another glass of water!
  5. Stay stress-free. Sure, it may sound silly, but working on your mental health can be beneficial to your physical health, as well. Studies have found that stress-reducing activities—like yoga and meditation—can strengthen your immune system and help you avoid illness. And really, who doesn’t appreciate a little rest and relaxation?


With just a bit more care and maintenance, you can drastically reduce the number of times you get sick a year, if not avoid it altogether!


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