WORST Foods For Your Lungs (respiratory)

Worst Foods For Your Lungs

With the current coronavirus epidemic, staying healthy is key. One part of your body in dire need of attention is your lungs. If you have lung problems, the coronavirus will have a stronger impact on your well-being. If you’re looking to protect your lungs, avoid these five products at the supermarket.

Crustacean Shellfish

Popular shellfish such as shrimp, crab, and lobster can make it difficult to breathe after your meal. Fortunately, there is a handful of shellfish that are completely fine to eat, including clams and oysters. Individuals allergic to shellfish should speak to their doctor before trying out the safer alternatives.

Carbonated Beverages

While you might be tempted to stock up on carbonated beverages, these drinks can do more harm than good. Carbonated drinks can increase the risk of asthma. As expected, water is a prime choice for properly quenching your thirst.


Milk is a strong source of vitamin D, which helps increase lung health. This drink doesn’t sit well with people harboring existing lung problems, though. They can find themselves experiencing prolonged coughing and possible shortness of breath. As a double-edged sword, plain milk can be replaced by various substitutes on the market. Almond milk, soy milk, and oat milk are some of the best replacements.

Fried Foods

Fried foods have been notorious for causing several health problems. That order of fried chicken or French fries can cause issues with breathing. Instead of having fried foods for dinner, try some baked foods instead. Unlike fried foods, baked foods don’t need oil, which aids in obesity and diabetes.


Salt is one of the most common things added to meals. Unfortunately, people retain salt, which can lead to severe coughing and loss of breath. Instead of using salt, a plethora of herbs and spices, including mint and basil, are there for your consumption.

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